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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Biker Build OFF - OCC vs PJD vs WCC

Biker Build OFF - OCC vs PJD vs WCC

PaulSenior versus PaulJunior versus JesseJames!!!!

Jesse James Bike!!! WCC!

Paul Senior Bike!!! OCC!!!

Paul Junior Bike!!!! PJD!!!
Wanna vote? check


Anonymous said...

1) OCC ftw!

That is one of a kind epicness. That is a monster from the technological lagoon.

2) Obviously Paul JR. has an eye for a good lookin bike and he has an awesome team working with him, but the old takes this one.

3) Jesse James didn't know what he was getting into, but his bike is gleaming and beautiful none the less.

Fahrain said...

i'll go with PJD... his bike awesome

Anonymous said...

I don’t think Jesse knew what he was getting into.

Anonymous said...

Jesse was taking the challenge. As he said, build his bike for a ride, but for a theme bike. His handcraft also superb.

I'd better choose the biker build off get the same way/judging format like the other biker build off. Ride away to sturgis & let the biker vote manually.


Anonymous said...

Jessie WTF are you playing at your bike is CRAP you need to crawl back into your hole and learn from a master Paul Junior your bikes are rubbish you should go see junior and senior and be a m,an and tell them that they are better than you on there worst days

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